Priest Garegin Hananian with real name Karapet Giragosian, was born on 6th of May,1881 in Julfa of Esfahan. He attended his academic education in the schools of Julfa and then bye the purpose of continuing education he moved to Calcutta-India and started to study in Saint Xavier's College, and after graducation he taught in higher education centers of Calcutta.

Since 1897 he acted as a teacher in the schools of julfa for 24 years, and from 1927 to 1928 had been as the principal of Armenian National School of Julfa.

Karapet Giragosian got marrired to Ms. Marta Abrahamian in 1905 and they had four chidren: three daughters named Maro, Lilig and Juliet; and a son named Janie. Ms. Marta Abrahamian as same as her husband was one of the active members in Charity affairs and Red Cross of Armenian Community during 1915. She was in chage of the management of the mentioned organizations for 22 years.

Karapet Giragosian was ordined a priest in 1910 and chose Garegin Hananian as his religious name. He was mastered to European languages except Armenian and Persian. In addition to cultural and religious activities, he started to perform writing and translating texts, he wrote several essays in Armenian, Persian, English and French for different publications.

His most important writings and translations include "Armenian Church" in English, "Martyred Armenia" - translated from English to Armenian and "Armenian Nation" - translated from French to English.

His most magnificent service done to the field of literature and culture of this land ( Iran ) was publishing a bilingual dictionary ( Persian to Armenian ) holding the title of Hrachya Ajarian, who was an outsiding Armenian linguist, etymologist and philologist. The dictionary got printed for the first time in Tehran, in 1933 and it was at the center of attention of students, researchers and linguists for a long time. As an admiration for priest's great service, he was rewarded with a scientific sign bye the Ministry of Education on 18th od Shahrivar 1312 solar year.

Priest Garegin Giragosian was an active member of Siocesan Council of the Armenians in Esfahan and Southrn Iran for years, also a member of Ecclesiastical and Cultural boards of the mentioned council. Moreover, Since he was one of the best teachers of julfa for about 24 years and presented praiseworthy service to the Armenians and to the Armenian culture, people of Julfa always think and remeber his name with special respect and admiration.

Priest Garegin passes away on 20th of Septemebr, 1946 in Julfa, Esfahan and got buried in the courtyard of the Armenian Apostolic Cathedral next to the belfry.